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Ouvrages de références

Références bibliographiques primaires non-obligatoires

Chris Argyris : Overcoming Organizational Defenses : Facilitating Orgazational Learning, Pearson, 1990

David A. Kolb : Experiential Learning 2nd Ed., Pearson FT Press, 2014

Edgar H. Schein, Process Consultation Revisited: Building the Helping Relationship, FT Press, 1998

Frederic Laloux : Reinventing Organozations, Nelson Parker, 2014

Henry Mintzberg  : Structure in Fives : Designing Effective Organizations, Pearson, 1992

Merrelyn Emery : Searching : the theory and pratice of making cultural change, John Benjamins, 1999

Roger Schwarz : The Skilled Facilitator 3rd ed, Jossey-Bass, 2016

Wendell Franch, Cecil Bell and Robert Kawacki, Organization development and transformation 6ed, McGraw-Hill, 2004

Références bibliographiques secondaires non-obligatoires

Peggy Holman, Tom Devane and Steven Cady : The Change Handbook 2nd ed, Berrett-Koehler, 2007


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